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why post if you don`t want a buddy
Anonymous - 11/17/2007 7:48 PM
Category: Anonymous
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I answered a request on dive trips, from a woman, a month ago looking for a buddy. I noticed that I was not the only respondant to this request. I have emailed this woman a couple times and have suggested diving as a group and she still has not even had the courtesy to acknowledge my emails. When some of the women divers on this site speak of men being pigs, please remember it goes both ways. I think that men consider most women, while not their mom`s, in two catagories, ladies and b&t [ at ] #es. I think that the woman I spoke of earlier falls into the later type.
Anonymous - 11/18/2007 9:11 PM
It`s just nice to get a response. Ladies and gents should at least acknowledge that you got a message. Or simply say "No thank you."
Anonymous - 11/19/2007 6:18 PM
That`s it! Let`s hunt her down!
Anonymous - 11/21/2007 4:06 PM
This post is ridiculous. First, continuing to send emails is harassment. Let it go. Second, not everybody is a dive slut (any buddy, any time). There could be any number of reasons she hasn`t accepted the first few buddy requests. Maybe she is simply shy and not ready to "connect" with anyone yet. That`s not a crime or reason to be called a "b%$&h". Maybe she is more selective and she finds something in your profile that is not compatible. Or maybe she could accurately sense your attitude.

Here`s a tip: try sending buddy requests to those with a similar profile as yourself and not just the hot chicks.
Anonymous - 11/29/2007 3:26 PM
The word HARRASMENT has become as cheap as the words "sorry" and "hero"...
Anonymous - 11/29/2007 9:26 PM
It is nice to reply, to at least acknowledge that you received the message, even if your answer is no. Yeah, you have to be careful,there are some crazy folks out there, but in my travels I have found that most divers,(male or female) are a decent bunch, bound together (and drawn together) by the adventure and love of diving. As it can be hard to find a good dive buddy, this site has the potential to work out great. Just be careful, try to be honest,and don`t expect the absolute incredible.(Unless you`re me! LOL!)
Anonymous - 12/13/2007 9:57 AM
Maybe shes busy, maybe she met a fantastic guy who fufills her every fantasy lol dont take it so seriously. Life happens and it gets in the way, im one of those "bitches" who wants to meet new dive buddies but one disadvantage of a website is that this is still a website and you never know what kind of dodgy characters are out there. Or like I said before I get too busy to check up on website friends when i have real friends in the wings. Best place to find a dive buddy at the dive site!!
Anonymous - 1/25/2008 11:04 AM
i have posted here as a single novice diver, and only had a few people respond, but sadly all to far away like across the atlantic. lol i live in the uk, near to exeter am keen but novice padi open water trained but only a fe dives and no kit apart from fins, mask, boots, snorkle so i hire or borrow the rest any one around my way