Diveheart Adaptive Dive Training - East Coast
Tom4Diveheart - 6/22/2011 5:58 PM
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Diveheart training is unique. Coursework covers adaptive training from a practical standpoint, as well as, marketing and fund-raising instruction . In depth media relations and community development curriculum produces increased awareness as a way to expand participation in your local program. Medical & rehabilitation services outreach class provides an innovative and exciting resource for facility patients during recovery and individuals living with disabilities.
Pennsylvania Training Flyer: http://diveheart.org/images/stories/2011/Flyers/buddy_instructor_williamsport_pa_june_20111.pdf
New Jersey Training Flyer: http://diveheart.org/images/stories/2011/Flyers/buddy_instructor_nj_august_20111.pdf
For more information or to register please call Diveheart President Jim Elliott at 630-408-1920 or the Diveheart office at 630-964-1983. To see what Diveheart is doing go to http://www.diveheart.org