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Only 4 spots left - get em while they last
Trixxie - 1/04/2010 11:22 PM
Category: Travel
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Hey There DiveBuddy Diver - -

wanting to go on a dive holiday but tired of having to schlep you gear back and forth to your rented vehicle?

well you have come to the right place! Join Fanta-Sea Divers for an all inclusive trip to Coco View located in Roatan June 12-19, 2010.

Coco View’s reputation as the easiest place to SCUBA isn’t luck. Their staff works hard at jobs they love to make your diving experiences as effortless and enjoyable as possible. Everything from their "Front Yard" orientations to the personal attention you receive from your Dive Master and Boat Captain is intended to make you feel safe and comfortable in their diving paradise.

Your dive equipment is on the dock, stored in large lockers only steps away from your boat. Plentiful clean water rinse tanks and showers are there, too. The compressor room, air tanks, Nitrox, our Dive Masters, as well as Dockside Dive and Photo Center are all conveniently located on the boat dock. Simplifying the pre-dive preparation and the post dive clean-up is one of the best attributes Coco View Resort offers. Experienced "CocoNuts" and first time guests all agree it just doesn’t get any easier than Coco View!

Walk in - Walk out. How easy can it get?

CoCo View’s shore-diving is so good (and so effortless!) many divers miss the boat on purpose!

An incredible array of marine life is only a few fin kicks from our Clubhouse along the renowned CoCo View Wall, Newman’s Wall, and at the easily accessible wreck of the Prince Albert. All this and you don’t even have to step on a boat! The Front Yard is open for your diving pleasure 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Dive when you want, air is always available at our 150 bottle tank storage rack.

Many divers love the "Front Yard" for the great night diving opportunities and the "creatures of the dark" that make it their home.

A Haven for Snorkellers! (Fish and lobsters and rays! oh my!) Swim a little, tan a little, swing in the hammock, and snorkel whenever you want! You will always see something new and beautiful playing out in the Front Yard

Night Diving
Night diving is an experience unlike any other. Strange and beautiful creatures come out to play and eat after the lights go out. As a guest at CoCo View you can experience this amazing sight in our front yard any night you wish. Explore coral reefs and walls or venture on to the wreck of the Prince Albert.

Wreck Diving
The Prince Albert, a 140 foot tanker sunk in 1985 is right in our front yard in 65 feet of water. Experience it as a drop off dive from the boat on your way home, or as a shore dive directly off the beach. The wreck of the Prince Albert is also a very popular night dive.

contact us at fantaseadivers [ at ] for more information or to hold YOUR spot! Hope you can join us!
Trixxie - 1/06/2010 8:42 PM
down to 3 spots left... get em while they’re hot!
Triggerfish - 2/14/2010 5:37 PM
how much?