The SEA SALT STAINS on my gear
DiveGirl55 - 8/05/2007 2:40 PM
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Okay, When I took my hoses out, the first stage where they all connect has greenish "stuff" (salt) on it. HOW DO I SAFELY REMOVE THAT? A q-tip with alcohol?
VaDiver95 - 8/05/2007 3:33 PM
Do you have hose protectors on them? I removed them from mine as they are not needed. Plus it allows you to give your gear a good rinse. To remove the gunk, a q-tip with alcohol would work on the exterior fittings. While you`re at it inspect the hoses for wear and damage.
grandpoobah - 8/06/2007 9:53 AM
also as I posted before, soak your gear in clean freash water after each dive. Saltwater will kill your stuff.
DiveGirl55 - 8/07/2007 11:23 AM
VaDiver95 - 8/08/2007 4:23 PM
After each dive I do a quick rinse...I put my BP/wing, wetsuit, lift bag, etc into the rinse bucket and let it soak--it won`t hurt anything. Then I rinse off the tanks. I do the regs, computer, and can light seperate back at the hotel. I pack up, get to the hotel and lay everything out. I repeat this every dive day. When I get home I do much better job and get everything ready for the next trip. I have one of those blue plastic stirage containers from Wal Mart that I use as a temp rinse bucket and a wet gear carry case. It works out great.
urbaneve - 8/09/2007 10:42 AM
the alcohol may make the hose brittle by drying it out. try this Clean sensitive gear (diving and fishing gear) with hot water (140 degrees F) or a soak in warm saltwater (1/2 cup of iodized salt per gallon of water) and air-dry before use elsewhere.

hope that works for ya