Scubase Dive Log Software
Elonna - 8/07/2009 9:49 AM
Category: General
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Let me start out by saying, I’m a computer person so though I will do my manual log on site, I’d really like to have a back up on my computer. So I was looking at different log softwares and came across Scubase and wondered if anyone has used it?

I haven’t downloaded the trial yet, hope to this weekend to use for my cert dives next week but wanted to get feedback from anyone who might have experience with it.

It looks really customizable and seems to have a lot of nice features, but it also looks like it might be confusing to set up. If anyone has any opinions on it, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Jorakae - 8/09/2009 11:37 PM

I haven’t personally used this software but it looks awfully familiar to what I use that came with my computer. Does your computer have any software available to it? It sure makes things a whole lot easier when you can import everything directly from your dive computer to your home computer automatically. 

Reading about the software, they pretty much provide the framework, you have to fill in all the details including what categories you want to record. It looks like a lot of manual entry and maintenance. I have a hard enough time writing my dives down let alone becoming a data entry clerk. Take a look at the Customizing Dive Log Contents and Layout section. You have to figure all that out.