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Diving on Vacation in Destin, Fl.
diverjay - 7/24/2009 10:31 AM
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My family and I recently got back from our vacation in Destin, Fl. It was a great all in all. We went parasailing (my wife, my daughter, and I), Big Kahuna’s Water Park, a sience museum, dolphin cruise, and of course I went divng and we all spent a lot of time on the beautiful white sand with greenish/blue water beaches.

I dove with Scuba Tech (Thanks David, Divebuddy ID "Flaski" for the info.) on the Sea Cobra (pictures posted on my profile). Our first dive was on the "Janet", a tug boat that had been reefed several years ago about 10 mile of the coast. It was a good dive with my max depth at 95 fsw, temp. at about 74 f, and visibility around 50-60 ft. There was plenty of marine life to look at and many schools of fish swam by us. Our second dive was on the "Destin Bridge Rubble", the rubble that had come off of the old Destin Bridge back in the mid seventies about a mile and a half off the coast. That too was a great dive at about 60 fsw, temp. of 76, and about the same vis. There was even more marine life to see here than at the Janet with a greater variety. I got pictures of a star fish, a small coral, and some others that I don’t know what they are called. I saw one golliath grouper under some of the rubble but it was to dark and my camer did not get a good picture.

All the people at Scuba Tech are top notch people and I would reccomend them if you ever go diving from Destin. Nancy was our boat captain and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Not to mention a great navigator, getting us right on top or our dive sites. She does run a tight boat but explains everything you need to know so that there are really no questions about how she expects things done. Greg was one of our divemasters who I dove with and he was awesome. He didn’t dominate the dive, just made sure everyone stayed safe. I hate to say it, but I don’t remember the other divemasters name as I only really delt with him topside but he did a great job as well. The gentleman on deck was called "Rabii" and did a wonderful job of helping everyone get loaded on the boat and ready for the dive, never hesitant to help or answer any question.

There were only fourteen people onboard the Sea Croba, Nancy (captain), two divemasters, Rabii, eight divers and two non divers. This made for a very comfortable and non crowded boat. I will definately dive with this group next time I go to Destin. Like I stated earlier, TOP NOTCH GROUP.