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I’m so Jealous!!!!
kc_moses76 - 6/30/2009 11:20 AM
Category: Videography
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Check this out:

Starting from 4 Minutes, it’s just way too cool!

I was there at Sipadan March of 2008 and never done any of the cool stuff. I plan on going back in Feb 2010 to dive the area again. But what string do you have to pull to get to do stuff like that? And to dive at Turtle Thomb?

My diving experience is: my dive buddy/group normally just take coral photos and video. I feel like we always just dive in, hunt for fishes to take photos and forgot the joy of being away from the busy city noise and enjoy the weightless feel, and get up close to the nature and appreciate them.

I’m wondering if all the close interaction only come with the amount of dive experience, and worked up the nerve to get close to the marine life.
ArchimedesPrinciple - 6/30/2009 12:19 PM


We were there in February 07. We spent a week on the Celebes Explorer live-aboard. The boat was only half full so we got to do a lot of that stuff. Also covering several different islands in the process. In that part of the world, a land based operation is almost too constricting. There is a lot to see and do out there.
kc_moses76 - 6/30/2009 1:10 PM
Thanks! I didn’t know they have a liveaboard thing over there. I was using Sea Venture, which is the oil rig in the middle of the ocean and that’s cool and save some travel time from the land the Sipadan island.

I will have to do more research about the Celebes Explorer!