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Galapagos Trip
Event Date Thu, April 6, 2017 - Thu, April 13, 2017
Event Location Baltra Airport Road, Baltra, Galapagos, Ecuador
Event Price contact me please
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Who doesn’t want to dive with penguins, marine iguanas, mola molas, herds of mobula rays and giant schools of hammerheads? Well if you want to come along, I have space available on a chartered Aggressor dive yacht in 2017.

We are a dive group from NorCal and we are looking forward to this once in a lifetime trip. We specialize in high fun, low drama trips and have space available for a few more folks.

We are going in the spring when the water is calmer, warmer and clearer. This is to avoid the wicked currents Galapagos is famous for and also to coincide with the LARGE schools of seasonal fish. This is not when the whale sharks are there. Whale sharks come for the plankton bloom which reduces viz and happens in colder, swifter water. We felt the trade off was worth it to enjoy better diving and more species for the entire week.

The pricing info is a bit tricky, based on what options you decide to include. It is a pricey trip so we planned for 2017 in order to allow folks to make payments on the trip.

Also, we are charging the same price as the Aggressor fleet does, BUT when you are looking at their prices, please realize they do not include in their quoted prices: airfare, taxes, fees and overnights in Ecuador. The price I give you is a COMPLETE price based on your selected options.

To save some money, you are welcome to book your own airfare or use miles to get to Ecuador however, you must take a short commuter flight to Galapagos and you will not be able to book that flight yourself or use miles. You will also need to coordinate your international flight schedule with the group so we all make the same plane (the only plane) from Ecuador to Galapagos.

You can see the trip flyer and more info HERE.
You can see the dive yacht and itinerary for the week HERE.
(Make sure and check out the Captain’s log to find out what they are seeing.)

We are also offering an optional Peru extension where we will be visiting the floating city of Lake Titicaca, ancient ruin sites and then take a train to Machu Pichu.

Oh, yeah. Two bucket lists with one trip.


docdp - 11/27/2016 3:36 PM
hi i am intersted and i tried to reach you on your phone/left a voicemail and sent an email . can you please get back to me
MgaTd - 9/27/2016 5:10 PM
Hi, your trip sounds great could you please verify the link to the trip flyer.
jenifleur62 - 7/09/2016 12:05 PM
My name is Jenny Heap, I am an advanced diver and have dreamed of the trip you’re planning for a long time! It sounds absolutely marvelous. My daughter is also dreaming of Galapagos and hammerheads...
We would love more info and prices. Do you have a group of gals already? We are very interested!!!