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Aquadive Great Underwater Watch Hunt!
Event Date Sat, September 29, 2012 - Sun, October 7, 2012
Event Location Kentucky 132, Sebree, KY
Event Price Free
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NOTE ON LOCATION: The location is a secret until you put the first clue together. This location was arbitrarily ascribed to this event. The Watch Hunt takes place at a popular Midwest dive location. Read below - and you may win a $2000 Aquadive dive watch.

The Aquadive Great Watch Hunt has begun! The famous Aquadive watch brand is officially being re-launched with a challenge for all able bodied adventurers: follow the clues and you’ll find one of several Aquadive Bathyscape 100 (value $1990) watches secreted by well-known divers in legendary dive destinations around the world. The new Aquadive watch line is a modern update of the wildly popular original Aquadive watches from the 1960’s.

The Hunt begins in September with the release of the first clue to a watch hidden at a prominent dive site in the Midwest United States by Master Instructor Jimmy Sommer. Each month a new set of clues will lead adventurers to a different location and a new watch; the Hunt encompasses bodies of water in and around the United States and Europe.

The first Hunt will be officiated at the dive location between September 29 and October 7th. A potential of 32 adventurers will qualify for each secreted watch, with one winner being drawn. The location will be verified on the dive site’s website. Here’s the clue to this location:

This dive site is home to a flying Hollywood star made famous by Wesley Snipes

The second Hunt will be conducted in South Florida in November. Subsequent locations will be announced through the Aquadive website:

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