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Shaw’s Cove 7:00pm(Night Dive)
Event Date Thu, February 23, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Event Location 989-999 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach, CA
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Conditions Expected: Surf 1.5ft , Low tide at 3:59 PM
Depth of Location: 25-40 feet

Meet time: 7:00pm/ Splash: 7:30-45pm

Dive Site: About 100 feet from shore, there is a long, 6 ft wide trench that leads all the way to the other side of the reef (east to west). The entrance of the trench is an underwater arch that gives divers the impression that they have entered a cave. About half way through, the trench splits into a Y. One leads to the middle of the reef, the other to the northern side of the reef.

This trench is accessible only when conditions are calm, otherwise water pushes through at high speed, making it unsafe to enter (sea urchins are everywhere along the walls and on the bottom). The water here is not deep - even at high tide the depth is only 20 feet.

What you’ll see: On any given dive you can see a lobsters, eels, rays, octopus, garibaldi, calico bass, Kellet’s welks, tree fish, giant sheepshead, bat stars, and lots of purple sea urchins. The Shelly of Shaw statue is between 35-37ft

Site Facilities: none
How to get there: Emergency Contact Information: Laguna Fire Department
(949) 497-0700


WaterBaby - 2/20/2012 7:19 PM
is it a good night for me to join you? you guys are all pretty advanced. I dont want to hold you back.
JMartin - 2/20/2012 7:22 PM
Nah its cool, Rochelle might be going too.
JMartin - 2/20/2012 7:18 PM
Okay cool, I think Marco will be going also, I think Steve is off on Thurs. so hope fully he sees this event.
WaterBaby - 2/20/2012 7:10 PM
I might go with you! Brian is sick with pneumonia so im going to be alone this week...

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