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Dive 40 Fathoms/Blue Grotto
Event Date Sun, September 18, 2011
Event Location Jacksonville, FL
Event Price $100.00
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The dive trip off Jax was cancelled due to bad weather so we are diving inshore at

40 Fathoms Grotto and Blue Grotto.

Sunday morning 10am, meet at 40 Fathom Grotto where Michael (should be Friday afternoon) is now an official guide:

"World-famous 40 Fathom Grotto is a naturally formed sinkhole located in the heart of north-central Florida’s thoroughbred racing country. It is the only place in the eastern United States where you can train, dive or play in depths of up to 200 feet or more"

• First dive, go to depths of 100 to 130 feet, depending on your experience and comfort level. See objects such as the boats, satellite dish, airplane, tow sub and a baby blue, two-tone ‘55 Chevy. On the way up, you’ll get to scale a 100-foot-tall vertical cliff — with barely the effort needed to climb a set of stairs at home.

• Second dive, we usually circumnavigate the Grotto not once, but twice, at 50 and 35 feet. Here you will see the Grotto’s outstanding geological formations, including deeply recessed bedding planes and Pleistocene-era fossils from 30 million years ago.

Head over and have lunch at Subway.

After our SI we will do a double dip at Blue Grotto and unwind for the day…:)

Cost: $100 (which includes entry, tanks and airfills extra)

Contact us to get on dive roster!