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Altitude Dives
Event Date Sun, July 17, 2011
Event Location Littlerock Dam Reservoir, CA
Event Price ZERO
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Going up to 3000+ ft elevation to the pristine clear waters you’ll find after penetrating the 20-30ft thick algae layer which has about 3-5 ft viz. The surface temps are close to 70, while the dark depths were 45degrees couple of weeks ago. With a steady slow draw on the reservoir to feed Palmdale Water District’s need in maintaining Palmdale Lake aka Fin & Feather to offset the high cost of using California State Water Project. While the Control Gate is open and allowing water to go through, STAY CLEAR of the Dam Structure. Sheer Granite Rock Vertical Wall diving on the back side, with multiple coves on the road side, and consistant depths near the stream inlet yeild large mouth (black) bass, carp. Trout plants very soon if not already! Current water level is approx 10ft below full 1.1billion gallon level. Bring lights, observe your computer set on above 3000 ft elevation, ascend extra slow on deep dives adding minutes to adjusted safety stops levels. Dry Suits are ideal for extended deep coverage. Adjust your weight for fresh water taking off 3 or 4 lbs if using the same wetsuit as saltwater. We’ll be there about 10am.