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Bachelor Dive Day @ Catalina
Event Date Sun, June 26, 2011
Event Location Catalina Island - Dive Park, CA
Event Price TBD - Discount Express Tickets Available
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UPDATE 6/20:

My version of a bachelor party.. is all day diving, with some food and drink after at Catalina.

What to expect.. (20-60’ vis, calm surface and a good buzz at the end)

- 5:45am Arrival at Long Beach Terminal
- 6:15am First departure to Avalon
- 7:15am $8 round-trip taxi service for your gear to Casino Point
- 8:15am $13 tank rental for the day, $6 fills (roughly.. that’s what I recall)
- 2 Dives, break for lunch. (Figure your in for $20-$30 lunch)
- 2 Dives, send your gear back to the pier.. Dinner & Booze.
- 9:00pm Back to the pier
- 9:45pm Boat departs Avalon
- 10:45pm Arrive Long Beach
- 11:00pm $14 to get your car out of the parking garage.

Catalina Express round-trip lists on the web at $69.50. I get discount tickets.. at least $10 off.. but MUST know in advance so I can purchase and reserve. Please RSVP as soon as possible. After June 19th.. no promisses.

So roughly.. (Price-Drop.. express tickets were less, tank rental less!)

$56.50 Catalina Express Round-Trip
$ 8.00 Gear Taxi from peir to point and back. (you want this)
$30.00 Tank Rental & fills all day
$20.00 Lunch? (You could bring your own)
$30.00 Dinner? (You could steal from some drunks plate while not looking)
$14.00 Parking at Long Beach (Pay on Ext)

 $158.50 Estimate.. all day diving, food and beverage.

Ok.. not the most expensive bachelore event ever.. and on this one you’ll get 3 or 4 dives in while at it. Come On!

I have access to discount Catalina Express tickets. (Generaly $10 off) for those that RSVP by 6/19.

Discount tickets have been booked for those that confirmed prior to 5/20! Good to go!

My brother and his girl in from Boston are confirmed.. she is non-diver.. coming to chill on the beach and party.. all are welcome!

We’re booked on the schedule above, but anyone can join at any time. Maybe Jim’s boat will show up at Avalon and take us around the corner? You never know!