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Dive trip to Crystal River
Event Date Fri, December 11, 2009 - Sun, December 13, 2009
Event Location Crystal River, FL
Event Price TBD

dalehall - View Member Calendar
Category: Dive Trip
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Manatees: It’s that time again. The annual North Florida Spring/Rainbow River/Manatee trip. Since it’s just June when I’m doing this, the Spring is still to be determined. But, like other years, we’ll leave early Friday morning and dive the Spring. Then, we’ll head to Crystal River to stay the next two nights. RV, Port Hotel & Marina,Best Western wherever you choose to stay. Saturday afternoon, we will drift dive Rainbow River with American Pro Diving. Sunday, we will meet at the butt-crack of dawn to snorkle with the manatees with Bird’s Underwater. After lunch, we head back home. It’s a great relaxing weekend of fun diving and good friends.

I’ll update this area when the time gets closer. I just wanted to get it on the calendar while I was thinking about it.

Latest Update: Most of the group has decided to forgot the Friday stop. There ares till people willing to stop at a spring. If you want, let me know and I’ll get those people in touch with each other. Everything else is as planned. (30 Nov)


nauidiver - 12/10/2009 7:25 PM
Tomorrow’s the BIG day! Enjoy your trip, wish I could join ya!!!
dalehall - 11/23/2009 9:14 AM
Updated info: The Friday stop at Blue Grotto has been cancelled due to lack of participants. So, we will just be leaving GA a little later in the day and will still be at Crystal River around the early evening time. Everything else on the trip remains the same.. Saturday drift dive Rainbow River with American Pro Diving and Sunday manatee snorkle with Bird’s Underwater. When you call to reserve your slot on the boat, be sure to mention my name so they will put you on the same boat.. If you need any other info, fee free to drop me a line..
Dale Hall
Tiara_270 - 11/12/2009 5:53 AM
I have to work that weekend but maybe I will stay on my boat and meet the group Sunday morning, my boat is in a slip behind Bird’s.
nauidiver - 10/28/2009 9:07 PM
No dude don’t do Devil’s Den... Blue Grotto is much better just cost a little more I think.

I’m going to try to join you on the spring trip if you do it. It will have to be a one day thing for me if I can go. On the 18th I’ll be taking off to Va. for x-mas so we will see.
billfort - 10/27/2009 9:09 AM
Trip options: Friday, Devil’s Den instead of Blue Grotto. Saturday, saltwater dives with Narcosis Scuba, Tarpon Springs. Message me for details, BillFort