Catfish hotel entrance
BillParker - 8/7/2017 10:39:00 PM
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Catfish Hotel @ Manatee Springs State Park - Catfish hotel entrance


Jared84 - 14 days 20 hours ago.
oh wow, can you see under that!?
BillParker - 14 days 13 hours ago.
There is enough light to see on a sunny day. Cloudy days may be a problem.
Eric_R - 14 days 20 hours ago.
Looks like it might qualify as an overhead environment dive.
BillParker - 14 days 6 hours ago.
You do OW and overhead from there.
SantaFeSandy - 13 days 17 hours ago.
Bill Parker, are you full cave yet? Eric, yes there is significant overhead here at Catfish, and multiple entries into the cave system too, one being a syphon over to Manatee. Obviously, full cave certifications only. The cavern portion is at around 67 ft. With catfish roaming, I would certainly run a line into it’s furthest penetration, as ambient light can disappear fast if the catfish muck it up.