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Blue Hole "The Devil’s Bathtub" - Legend-1, Divers-0


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Legend says the Devil’s Bathtub never freezes! Despite this being the 6th coldest February on record, ice breakers operating on the Delaware, ice boat races on Barnegat Bay and seeing ice fishermen in Tuckerton on the way down the Blue Hole was ice free!

I had brought my sonar to map the bottom thru the ice :( I did dip the sonar to take a temperature reading and it said 47.5f, less you think I did not chill it down before taking a reading, the air was 32f The legend also says the Devil’s Bathtub is a constant temperature year round.

About 10’ from shore it goes deep, if you look at the photo you can see the line. On the opposite shore it’s farther out.

This photo was taken from the blue trail, the little egg river is about 100’ to the left