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Salt Creek - Port Angeles WA

Salt Creek is a shore accessible salt water dive site, located in Port Angeles, WA. This dive site has an average rating of 3.67 out of 5 from 3 scuba divers.

Salt Creek Recreation Area is located on the wild, Northern shore of the Olympic Peninsula from a World War II defense site. Underwater is just as fascinating: wolf eels, telia anemones, sculpin, sea cucumbers, sponges, and urchins, to name a few of the wildlife. The sites located along this shore are considered by many to be the best diving in Washington.Directions: Salt Creek County Park is located 11 miles West
of Port Angeles. Traveling West from Port Angeles on 101, bear right in about 5
miles onto 112. Six miles further, turn right as shown below.
This is about the best shore diving spot in Washington.
There’s the potential for surf, but currents are actually pretty minimal in
close to shore. The kelp beds are spectacular and very lively, with oodles of
invertebrates and loads of small fish. Despite its marine reserve status, large
fish are not common. Despite the local guidebooks current planning
descriptions, I have dove here without regard to currents. You’re more likely
to have a problem with surf and/or surge. Diving before the summer afternoon
sea breeze comes up is helpful.
Salt Creek is a dive site that offers many rewards for a
diver that looks for the out of the way dive site. I started diving here in
winter of 1978 have dove this site in all 4 seasons. It can be a challenge to
dive here. The surge can toss you around or sweep you across the bottom. But if
you watch the weather conditions and tides you can enjoyable dive. I like
starting at the east end by the kitchen and heading west and coming out on
Tongue Point. The reef with the kelp beds are is so spectacular in the spring
with all of the new fishes swimming in schools. It is so colorful here like
being in some aquarium seen. The depth is around 25-35 feet all the way. The
exit is nice, and if you time the swell you can be standing up with your fins
in your hand and walk out. Enjoy your dive.
This is worth the drive. Many people from
"away" camp at the park to dive there. I feel that the best diving is
down the stairs at the west end of the park. It is shallow, but is a labyrinth
of gorgeous benthic organisms. It can be dived at any time of the year, but
because of the exposure, you must watch for surf. The normal array of fish -
lingcod, Irish lords, rockfish, wolf eel, perch - are present. A careful search
will most likely be rewarded with several octopus. Organisms normally expected
in the ocean often drift in here. A neat dive from a beautiful location.. This
wonderful park of 196 acres and 90 campsites houses many fortified bunkers.

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FastFord - 9/11/2012 8:54 PM
Rating Added: 4 of my favorite dive sites in the entire state! Blue water is nice!
GregScubaholic - 8/09/2008 12:18 AM
Entry is down a long stairway followed by a scramble across steep rock shoreline. Once you get into the water the scenary is excellant, kelp canopy, fish, anemonies, nudibranches, etc.