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Stillwater Cove - Monterey CA

Stillwater Cove is a shore accessible salt water dive site, located in Monterey, CA. This dive site has an average rating of 3.62 out of 5 from 8 scuba divers.

Stillwater cove is recognized for its relatively undisturbed marine environment. Due to the sensitivity of this habitat, only 10 divers a day are allowed access. Sorry, there is no night diving. To make reservations
for both diving and parking, call 831-625-8507 (Press 1 for Main Desk) or (Disconnected as of 12/17/12 > 625-5835) up to two weeks in advance.

Directions: Located in the heart of Pebble Beach, the drive here is worth the effort, even if you are not going to dive! Drive South of Carmel on Highway 1 to Ocean Ave. Take Ocean Ave West and turn right on San Antonio Ave. Wind your way North until you find yourself on Carmel Way. You will soon intersect with the famous 17 Mile Drive. A gate guard will welcome you and relieve you of some money for the privilege of hobnobbing with the Rich and Famous. Travel North West for about 1 mile, and turn left on Palmero Way. Travel approximately 1/2 mile and then make a left on to Cypress Drive for about 1/8 of a mile, which ends at Stillwater Cove.

The parking and equipment drop off area makes it very easy to drop off your gear very close to the water. We blew up our inflatable right there and carried it down to the beach, very easy. Rowed out past the rocks in the middle of the cove. If you go out in a boat try to anchor or stay up wind of the islands, they are covered in bird poop and stink. I freedove for about three hours, getting in the boat once to take a break and move spots. It got deeper as I got farther away from the rocks and was hitting 40’ eventually. I’d say the average depth of most of the reef is 25-30’, with steep drops down to 40-50’ with a sandy bottom. The kelp was thick at the surface but not too thick down below. Spearfishing was good, good sized schools of blue rockfish, some olive rockfish and I even got a lingcod as he was going after a school of small perch. Dove with a seal and a sea otter. The seal was quite curious and got close, the otter was curious but stayed a short distance away. Very cool dive spot, very protected. I used scuba after I had shot my fish and check out the bottom a little more, I would like to see the underwater statue.

This place is beautiful. This is a wonderful beach with great views of the golf course (I even found 7 golf balls). I saw lots of harbor seals, which were very friendly underwater. They would slowly approach and eventually be right next to your mask underwater. While swimming back in on the surface, one even popped its head up between my fins! You will have to pay at the entry gate ($8.50 when we went) but it is worth it. They allow you to drop your gear off next to the pier and the staircase down to the beach is a great place to gear up. Visibility was okay but I am sure it gets crystal clear here sometimes. I found an underwater channel that I followed out and it was nice. This is where I saw the most fish and also the harbor.

Interesting site. Calm with granite formations (cuts, shallow canyons) and kelp. Very pleasant dive from shore or from a boat out of Monterey Harbor.

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Green_Achers - 12/17/2012 5:49 PM
UPDATED: Alternate phone number has been disconnected as of 12/17/12. Made note and will let someone else delete it.
Keith_M - 7/18/2012 10:05 AM
Rating Added: 4
Dove here from a zodia we had launched off the pier by crane. The day we dove here you could have water skied it was so calm. Very nice granite formations and lots of life. Had several swim throughs. Depth was around 40-45’. Lots of life. Great dive. Was one of my best diving days yet First dive of day had been at South Monastary from same boat. Great day!