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MV Kowloon Bridge is a fresh water dive site, located in Toehead, Cork, Ireland. The maximum depth is 101-110ft/31-34m.


At over 900 feet long and holding 165,000 tons of iron ore and 2,000 of bunker oil when it sank, the MV Koowloon is the largest wreck in Europe and the largest by tonnage in the world. It sank two miles off of Banty Bay in 1986, where it had stopped for emergency repairs. The ship was forced to leave the bay before the cracks in its hull were fixed to avoid collision with another ship. The crew was rescued via airlift when the boat began to sink, but tugboats could not drag the boat back to port. It floated unmanned for several months until hitting rocks, breaking into several pieces, and sinking. The oil from the ship began leaking several days later, causing considerable environmental damage.

Local divers say ocean life has since rebounded. In addition to offering the chance to explore one of the world’s most substantial wrecks, the site features anemones, wrasse, and pollack. Due to the size of the wreck and the angle at which it landed, divers can choose from a variety of depths, from 20 to 105 feet. Tides can be strong in the area, so this can be a more advanced dive.

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