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Silver Lake Quarry - Haymarket VA

Looks like The Divearium has finally found a home!
Well, we’re 95% there, and it’s looking like we will have a lease contract with the owners by the end of this year, and become operational before the end of 2019.
This new and unique dive site will be the first SCUBA and Aquatic Life Educational Center in the world, made just for scuba divers.
As a diver, you will be submerged in an underwater environment unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
Not only that, but the ABOVE-water facility will offer amenities that quarry divers will appreciate, and that no other inland dive site currently provides.
As far as the actual physical qualities of the quarry itself, we decided to indicate only a couple of site descriptors for now because a LOT will change in terms of the actual underwater realities once the facility is operational.
For example:
- There’s plenty of muck and sludge along the bottom right now, together with a significant amount of floating particulates that cloud the water. THAT WILL CHANGE.
- There are a few creatures to see, but there will soon be SO MANY MORE.
- The quarry’s topography is VERY distinctive (check out the topographical map found at the upper left of this page), with incredible vertical and near-vertical walls, several grassy and expansive flat areas, and numerous unusual characteristics like large, submerged TREES that will serve as great habitats for all the fish species we plan on stocking and maintaining.
Stay tuned: more information to come VERY soon!

Dive Site Map

Map Legend