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Ruth Walker Spring - Mayo FL

Ruth Walker Spring is a shore accessible fresh water dive site, located at NE Ruth Springs Rd, Mayo, FL 32066. This dive site has an average rating of 4.00 out of 5 from 1 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 51-60ft/16-18m. The average visibility is 36-40ft/11-12m.

Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Ruth Spring is located 4 miles northwest of Branford within the SRWMD Troy Spring Conservation Area. From the bridge over the Suwannee River in Branford, travel west and northwest for approximately 4.8 miles on US 27, then turn north (right) on CR 425. Drive 1 mile and turn east (right) into the Troy Spring Conservation Area. Follow dirt road 1.1 miles, turn north (left) on another dirt road and continue 0.1 mile to the spring.

Description - Ruth Spring pool measures 75 ft in diameter north to south and 51 ft east to west. The vent is located beneath a limestone ledge on the west side of the pool, where the depth measured 5.9 ft. There is a wooden erosion control wall built along the west side of the depression approximately 3 ft higher than the spring water level at the time of the visit. The bottom of the spring pool is mainly exposed sand. Limestone crops out around the pool edge. The water is clear, with a slight greenish hue and a small boil present on the pool surface near the vent. There is very little aquatic vegetation and algae. The shallow, sand-bottomed spring run travels eastward approximately 550 ft and flows into the Suwannee River. On the south and west sides of the spring, the land rises steeply to approximately 20 ft above the lowlands that contain the spring and its run. All lowlands and adjacent uplands are forested. There is a dirt access road and small parking area near the west side of the spring. Ruth Spring also is locally known as Sulfur Spring. Local swimmers reported that the spring often has a slight hydrogen sulfide odor, but this was not the case in March 2002.

Utilization - The spring is undeveloped, open to the public, and is a popular local swimming area.

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SantaFeSandy - 7/26/2016 6:52 PM
I went scuba diving here on 7/25/2016. Average viz: 36-40ft/11-12m. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
Absolutely beautiful! What a glorious venture. Dove here July 25, 2016. I recommend getting to the site no later than 10 to be out of the water by 12:30 p.m., so that when local swimmers arrive, you are good to go.

Big Sandy, at around 1200 feet penetration, is easily recognizable as it is a big sand mound situated at the T.

Lots of old artifacts on the debris cones. Lots of tight spaces and restrictions that made the dive all that more enjoyable.
SantaFeSandy - 7/26/2016 6:44 PM
Rating Added: 4
I loved this dive! Big Sandy is about 1200 feet penetration.