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SS Miraflores aka Ice Cream Cone, Bob’s Cold Spot is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Cape May, NJ. The maximum depth is over 150ft/46m.

Ship identification is something Peterson, who runs Atlantic Divers, an outfitter and trip-planner in Egg Harbor Township, is known for.
Having identified more than a dozen wrecks off the South Jersey coast, he said the S.S. Miraflores, which sat in anonymity off Cape May for decades, may be the most important.
No one knew where the freighter and its cargo of fruit ended up after it was blasted by a pair of torpedoes from a German U-Boat in 1942, killing 34.
“It took a lot of effort to go out and find,” Peterson said.
Actually, finding it wasn’t the hardest part; identifying it was.
Sidelined with a back injury in 2007, Peterson began researching an anonymous wreck he had dived for years. At the time, he referred to it simply as “The Freighter.”
Dozens of dives failed to turn up artifacts that would have quickly put an end to the mystery — lettering from the ship’s hull or a plaque memorializing the company that built the vessel.
The coup came in 2007, when Peterson emailed an archivist at Glasgow University. A dive more than a decade earlier had unearthed a brass helm manufactured by John Hastie and Sons. The company was long gone, but the university was preserving its records.
Peterson emailed the helm’s serial number to the school. Records showed only three ships used a helm bearing the number. Two of them, Peterson determined, couldn’t possibly be the mystery wreck. The S.S. Miraflores had been found.

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