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Walton Lake - Monroe NY

Walton Lake is a shore accessible fresh water dive site, located at 525-597 Lakes Rd, Monroe, NY 10950. The maximum depth is 61-70ft/19-21m. The average visibility is under 5ft/2m.

Elevation: 705 feet
Maximum Depth: 68 feet
Average Depth: 22 feet

Shore access is limited but there is a parking lot across the street from a convenience store called the Country that can hold about 15 cars. Unfortunately there are no facilities in the parking lot or anything because it’s not really set up as a dive location. I’m not sure if the convenience store would let you use their bathroom, I’ve never asked. People generally use the lake for fishing or for swimming in the summer...There is no dive shop in town so bring more than one tank if you plan on doing more than one dive

The lake is a good place to work on skills, especially in low viz or if your trying to work on navigating. Try to go on a day when it is sunny so visibility will be beter. The last worthy thing to note is that if you can go on a day when viz is decent you might be able to see something cool or find something worth some $$. A buddy of my dive instructor pulled a $700 bottle out of Walton Lake this past summer.

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amerry - 8/12/2015 8:55 AM
Been diving here like twice a week all summer, figured I’d make a post. The viz in Walton Lake is usually horrible below 16-20 ft. I went on Sunday morning (August 9th), I had to put my mask less than a foot off the bottom to see anything... Above the thermocline at about 15 feet the viz increased to almost 5 feet (which felt amazing after less than 6 inches...).

Anyways, I really wanted to post this to tell anyone thinking of diving here that you might as well do a night dive. The viz is always bad so your gonna have to stay close to the bottom, but night diving here is actually worth it. If you dive this lake at night you are guaranteed to see alot of fish. I’ve done a bunch of night dives here, and everyone of them I see huge catfish, bass, trout, panfish. And when I say huge, some of these catfish and bass are easily 2 feet- that’s massive for a lake like Walton.

There is always the possibility of pulling something cool off the bottom also... we found a 4 foot long Ice augur for ice fishing that’s in perfect condition about 2 weeks ago.
amerry - 4/28/2015 4:36 PM
I went scuba diving here on 4/26/2015. Average viz: Under 5ft/2m. Water temp: Under 50°F/10°C.
Dove at Walton Lake on 4-26-2015. Viz sucked but we wanted test out some new gear and make our first nitrox dives. I dove 7mm wet, it was 45°F at 25 ft. Alex was trying out a new DUI drysuit so he was warm the whole time. After about 25 minutes I started to feel the temperature and we ended the dive about a minute or 2 later. We surface swam back to our starting location.
amerry - 11/02/2014 9:28 PM
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Last time I dove here was in early October of 2014. Water got way colder than I expected, it was 53°F at 33ft...Viz was horrible, about 5-8 feet... Was testing out new gear so I was going diving no matter what, but it wasn’t sunny and conditions were bad. In Summer this place can be pretty nice and you can see a good amount of fish.