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U-711 is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Harstad, Norway. The maximum depth is 141-150ft/43-46m.

Sunk 4 May, 1945 in the Arctic at Kilbotn, near Harstad, Norway, in position 68.43,717N, 16.34,600E, by aerial bombs from Avenger aircraft (escorted by Wildcat fighters) of the British escort carriers HMS Searcher, HMS Trumpeter and HMS Queen. 40 dead and 12 survivors. (, March 2002).

U-711 was damaged while alongside the depot ship Black Watch, probably by two near misses - or hits on the Black Watch.

A skeleton crew of 12 men - probably those on watch aboard the U-boat cut her loose and sailed off, but the boat sank a couple of hundred meters away from the depot ship. 40 members from the U-711 were on board the Black Watch and they were killed when the she blew up (the ship received 7 direct hits and four near misses by bombs dropped from British flown Avenger and Wildcat aircraft of the no. 846, 853 and 882 squadrons operating from the 3 escort carriers mentioned above).

All twelve men aboard U-711 managed to escape, this is important, as this means that she is not a war grave. She lies at 45 meters depth, and can be dived by experienced amature divers using Trimix gas or decompression stops.

According to a recent report, she is in excellent condition, war damage to rear of tower and deck before the tower, but otherwise good shape, deck planks still intact, even ropes still knotted around the bollards - indicating that mooring ropes to the Black Watch was cut, not untied. The 88 mm gun had been removed, probably in summer of 1944, possibly when she was fitted with the schnorkel, twin 2mm AA gun is still mounted to the rear of the tower.

The U-711 was the last U-boat sinking by the Royal Fleet Air Arm.

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