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Izu Peninsula is a salt water dive site, located in Japan. The average visibility is 31-35ft/9-11m.

①Best season:May to September
②Water clarity:10 m or more
③Water temperature: Annual average around 19°C (66°F) ・May to September average around 23°C (73°F)
④Popular diving spots
≪East Izu: Izu Ocean Park≫ For beginner to advanced divers
‐Features:This is one of the best-known diving spots in all of Japan. The main entry is from the beach and this spot encompasses nearly all
topographies from sandy to a drop off where you can see many types and sizes of fish from. There are over 650 varieties of creatures
including dolphins, sharks,turtles, ocean sunfish, and migratory fish.
Note: Izu Ocean Park admission fee is¥2,415.
‐Recommended diving shops
・Izu Ocean Park Diving Center:You can enjoy a complete range of facilities including a changing room, showers, air service, and a rest area.
Also rental equipment is available. Contact the facility for information regarding guide fees.
[Address] 841-1, Futo, Ito-shi, Shizuoka 413-0231 Japan [Phone] +81-557-51-1129
・Further diving shops information here
-Accommodation information:There are no accommodations in the park. However there are many Japanese inns, hotels, guest houses, resort inns, and other accommodations close to the JR Ito Station, which is 30 min by car from Izu Ocean Park.
There are guest houses, resort inns, and other accommodations close to the Izu Kogen Station,which is 10 min by car from the Izu Ocean Park.
≪West Izu: Osezaki≫ For beginner to advanced divers
This well-known spot of West Izu is entered from the beach and has a diverse topography, many varieties of fish, and several deep spots to provide diving that fits the tastes many divers. There are many repeaters who come here for the underwater photography.
The varieties of fish at deep points include anemone fish, lionfish, bottom perch, and ocean sunfish.
-Recommended diving shops
There are 14 member shops in the Osezaki Scuba-diving Service Participation store as well as a full range of diving facilities including
accommodations,showers, public baths, and restaurants.
‐Tourist information
・Osezaki Area reference English website:
・Numazu City and Osezaki leaflet:
≪South Izu: Mikomoto Island≫ For intermediate and more advanced divers (requires experience of at least 30 dives)
This is an uninhabited island 8 km off the coast of Minami-Izu Yumigahama that is accessible by boat diving only. This is the diving spot in the Izu Peninsula where you are most likely to encounter large fish. It is famous for hammerhead sharks from summer to fall.
You can also see migratory fish, such as great amberjack and yellow tail, sharks, ocean sunfish, eagle rays, and others. There are many places around the island and in the open ocean around which the fish gather. This is a great dive if you are seeking large fish and migratory fish or like underwater photography.
‐Recommended diving shops
・Mikomoto Diving Shop, etc., reference English
・Yumigahama Marine Center:[Address] 901-28, Minamiizu-minato, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka 415-0152 Japna
[Phone] +81-558-62-1980
・Mikomoto Diving Service:[Address] 950-1 Teishi, Minami-izu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, 415-0153, Japan
[Phone] +81-558-62-5210
・290 / Kaiyusha:[Address] 898-2, Minamiizu-minato, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka 415-0152 Japna
‐Accomodations information:
・Izu Shimoda Accommodations:
‐Tourism information
・Minami-izu Tourist Association Digital Pamphlet:

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