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Hachijo is a salt water dive site, located in Izu Islands, Japan. The average visibility is 61-70ft/19-21m.

①Best season: March to November
②Water clarity: 20 m or more
③Water temperature: Annual average around 21°C (70°F) ・March to November average around 22°C (72°F)
④Popular diving spots
> For intermediate to advanced divers
Features: This area includes many diving spots that are famous in Japan. It is entered from the beach and is known for a fast and complex tide that supports a high fish density and the opportunity to encounter big fish like the wrought iron butterflyfish, banded boarhead, dogtooth tuna,great amberjack, and hammerhead shark making it an excellent place for underwater photography.
> For beginner to advanced divers
Features: This is a boat diving site that is known for its 5 large arches, which are inhabited by banded boarhead, bat fish, spotted knifejack, spotted sweetlips, anemone fish, turtles, and other creatures. You might even run into a school of over 100 bat fish.
⑤Recommended diving shops
・Boomerang:One fun dive and guide fee is 7,500 YEN. (Including rental fee of a weight and a tank, guide fee and transportation)
[Address] 4944-6, Mitsune, Hachijojimahachijo-machi, Tokyo 100-1511 Japan [Phone] +81-04996-2-3108
・Bientos: This facility is equipped with a cottage where you can enjoy meals and have access to diving equipment and facilities including showers.
Diving Package:2 days 17,000 YEN. (Including one night accommodation with a breakfast, and 2 beach diving.)
[Address] 3114-1, Okago, Hachijojimahachijo-machi, Tokyo 100-1401 Japan [Phone] +81-4996-2-5322
⑥Accommodation information:
・Hachijo Park Hotel:[Address] 7600-1, Okago, Hachijojimahachijo-machi, Tokyo 100-1401 Japan [Phone] +81-4996-2-0850
⑦Tourist Information
Hachijo Island Information Pamphlet:

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