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Izu Oshima is a shore accessible salt water dive site, located in Izu Islands, Japan.

①Best season: April to October
②Water clarity: 10 m or more
③Water temperature: Annual average around 19°C (66°F) ・April to October average around 21°C (70°F)
④Popular diving spots
> For beginner to advanced divers
Features: This is the most popular diving spot on Oshima. It is entered from the beach and provides an abundant variation of rocky, sandy, and boulder areas with many types of fish living in the different environments. For example Barbed brotula, Honshu pipefish, Banded reef-cod, Beach conger, Humpbacked scorpionfish and Common Japanese sea horse etc.
> For beginner to advanced divers 
Features: This is a well-known spot on Oshima. It is entered from the beach and is known for its 2 m high and 5 m wide arches among other features and has a maximum depth of 12 m, so this spot can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced divers. The types of fish nclude brotulidae, blacktip grouper, beach conger, yellowfin scorpionfish, and sea horses.
⑤Recommended diving shop
・AQUAVIT IZUOSHIMAURL (English Site is coming soon)
‐This facility is equipped with a guest house where you can enjoy meals and have access to diving equipment and facilities including showers.
‐Diving package: 2 days 23,800-34,800(YEN)(Including one night accommodation and 3 meals(dinner, breakfast and lunch). )
⑥Accommodation information: These are major accommodation as follows and further information here.
・Oshima Onsen Hotel:[Address] 3-5 Senzu azakitsunba, Oshima-machi, Tokyo 100-0103, Japan
[Phone] +81-4992-2-1673
・Hotel Tsubakikan:[Address] 550, Motomachi, Oshima-Machi, Tokyo, 100-0101, Japan
[Phone] +81-4992-2-1111
・Hotel Shiraiwa:[Address] 3-3-3, Motomachi, Oshima-Machi, Tokyo 100-0101, Japan
[Phone] +81-4992-2-2571
⑦Tourist Information
Oshima Travelers Guidebook:

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