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Clythia aka Marble Wreck is a salt water dive site, located in NC. The maximum depth is 16-20ft/5-6m. The average visibility is under 5ft/2m.

36 33.910N 75 50.379W

This wreck is also known as the marble wreck and is in 20fsw at the Va -NC border . This wreck can
be seen at low tide and at high tide is fully covered. Many a boat has lost or damaged their prop as they did not know of its presence and were only aware of it after their costly encounter.

I did not know that this wreck requires a permit from the state to dive or remove anything . I’m not sure about the diving part , but you must have a permit to take artifacts from here . I first dived this after seeing it at low tide on a fishing trip, After diving it and going inside I learned its name from Gary
Gentiles’ book. He has it pointing bow out to sea, which is incorrect. The bow is facing inshore and broken off. The rudder is pointing out to sea and the wreck is best entered here as there is a hole next to it . The cargo holds are found here and still contain the marble slabs it was carrying.

This dive is a low to no vis dive and can be very hard with the surge and waves next to the beach.

Iron -hulled bark
sailing vessel 214 x 33 x 22

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