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China Wall - Blakely Rock WA

China Wall is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Blakely Rock, WA. The maximum depth is 91-100ft/28-30m.

China Wall is located on the West side of Blakely Rock

If the vis is good when you descend the anchor line at the buoy you will see that the main "wall" is actually an almost pyramid shaped rock embedded in the steep slope such that on one side is a tall face that runs from 60 to 100 feet deep, but you can swim all the way around the rock. The main rock is just west of the anchor line. There is a series of rocks and smaller walls extending from the east of the main rock towards Blakely rock. In fact, while at the surface take a look at Blakely rock, because all the bottom structure around the rock looks the same. At China wall there is not a lot of vegetation, but as you get closer to Blakely Rock (and shallower) you will encounter kelp and seaweed on the rocks. There is not a ton of life on the wall itself, but expect to see rockfish, lingcod, and several species of sculpin. If the vis is good then it is a great sight seeing dive anyway. There are cracks and fissures to explore in the wall and I imagine finding a Giant Pacific Octo would not be out of the question. You can end your dive in the shallow rock ledges and reefs surrounding Blakely rock where there is a ton of little critters such as sculpin, gunnels, war bonnets, etc.

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