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Map location is approximate and needs to be updated.

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If you are lucky the current will be running and you can spend the next hour (or portions thereof depending on depth) enjoying a relaxing cruise past a wall alive with a myriad of creatures. You will see corals, sponges, whips, fans, feather duster worms, schools of fish, long spined black urchins, common urchins, rays possible, turtles and nurse sharks are also possible. The current facilitates an effortless cruise that will have you flying along side exquisite topographical features and the deep blue below.

Driving from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay is small town called Runaway Bay. In this town is a hotel called Franklin D. Resort or FDR. From this hotel you can swim out head east and dive to a beautiful wall and this is the dive site so dive!!

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