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Tiputa Pass Rangiroa is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Rangiroa, French Polynesia. This dive site has an average rating of 4.80 out of 5 from 5 scuba divers. The maximum depth is over 150ft/46m. The average visibility is over 150ft/46m.

Divers often descend at Shark Cave and make their way through a narrow channel between Avatoru and Tiputa islands to face strong currents that whiz along the path. Here pelagic animals often include mating dolphins, which come here especially to play on the standalone waves created by the current going out of the lagoon and the weather coming in from the open sea.

Watch dolphins playing, leaping and synchronizing on the surface and swim with hundreds of sharks below the deeper you go the more you’ll see. Turtles, manta rays, leopard rays and whales (between July and August) can also be found.

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Oceanid - 9/19/2016 6:59 PM
I went scuba diving here on 1/30/2014. Average viz: 51-60ft/16-18m. Water temp: 66-70°F/19-21°C.
Salt Water, waves and current
4 dolphins, Blacktip sharks, Moorish Idol, Longfin bannerfish, Nason à roster long
Oceanid - 9/19/2016 6:54 PM
I went scuba diving here on 1/29/2014. Average viz: 61-70ft/19-21m. Water temp: 66-70°F/19-21°C.
1st part was deep into the Blue, followed by a very fast Drift dive and the last part of it was a Reef Dive as we were ascending slowly.
12 Dolphins, 3 Napoleons, lots of blacktip sharks. AMAZING!
Mbarbosa - 12/22/2015 12:29 AM
I went scuba diving here on 12/11/2015. Average viz: Over 150ft/46m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C.
Unbelievable experience, unique location! Thousands of paddletail snappers, huge Napoleons, schools of barracudas, dozens of passing sharks (lemon, grey, black and white tips), couple of turtles and some passing spotted rays. No better place to feel part of the day-to-day life at the reef. Also a known spot for diving with dolphins, if you are luckier than us. Highly recommend both Eleuthera Rangiroa and Top Dive, which both did an awesome job on all dives.
Hnebdgr - 1/12/2014 2:18 PM
I went scuba diving here on 7/30/2012. Average viz: 81-90ft/25-27m. Water temp: 81-85°F/27-29°C.
An AMAZING first ocean dive! Current was very strong. We were warned about the up current but I still got in it and had to be pulled back down. Awesome sea life!
Hnebdgr - 1/06/2014 2:53 PM
Rating Added: 5
First ocean dive and it was amazing.