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Hontai, Cham Island is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located at Cham Island, Hoi An, Viet Nam. The maximum depth is 36-40ft/11-12m. The average visibility is 36-40ft/11-12m.

Hontai is off Cham Island, Vietnam. Boats depart daily from Hoi An, just south of Da Nang. I used Cham Island Diving based in Old Town Hoi An. On their site there is no reference to this site but there is a site called "The Junction" which appears to be the same location as Hontai...maybe the dive master had a different name for it.

Temp was 28C on the surface and in the water and visibility was between 30-45, depending on location in dive.

This is a pretty easy dive with lots of interesting coral and small fish. Don’t expect to see anything large around Cham Island. There are hundreds of fishing boats out there every night. This is their main food source.

I saw a Moorish Idol, a juvenile Lionfish, Giant Clam (18"), Lizardfish, Coronetfish, Crocodilefish, Goatfish, Butterflyfish, and a tiny (1") Nudibranch that looked like a leaf fluttering along. There are lots of Brittlestars and Baskets, and about every color of Sea Urchin imaginable. I really liked the abundance of purple Sea Stars, which I’d only seen once before.

Cham Island Divers use a large slow boat that takes both divers and snorkelers to the island. There were about 20 people on our boat but only 4 divers which was nice. The dive master was French and very friendly and knowledgeable. They had a good fish book on the boat which he used to help be identify what we’d seen.

Following the dives we went to a beach on the island where we had a wonderful local meal then a hour free to snorkel or just relax.