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The GPS coordinates above may not be exact. Basically you swim past the point at woods cove and to the edge of the kelp drop down and head 270 through the kelp and then a sand area of about 100 feet. The reef runs north / south and is full of life. Greater amount and larger fish then most other spots as it is farther out exposed to currents and more rarely dived.

On a typical dive you might see octopus, lobster, sand bass, sheep head, horn sharks, some pelagic fish like yellow fin tuna and barracudas.


Tromptista - 8/30/2012 8:05 AM
I went scuba diving here on 8/29/2012. Average viz: 21-25ft/6-8m. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
Another great dive at Lake Laguna. The air temperature was around upper 70’s making the low to mid 70 water feel cold. No surf, low tide, we slowly went 270 through the 1st reef at pearl where there was plenty to see...large Yellow tail tuna, octo, crabs, tons of lobster, and our usual horn shark friend. This time hopefully we had enough light on him. We made it all the way to the 3rd reef circled it and somehow the group got separated but we eventually found each other going east and then a little south due to the point and then back north east for a short kick too the beach. Great dive with the guys from NBTT. Get out and dive with us. (
Tromptista - 8/23/2012 9:16 AM
I went scuba diving here on 8/22/2012. Average viz: 21-25ft/6-8m. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
With the surf low and very low tide we decided to go to millers reef. We were accompanied by new dives John & Lilly who continue to make the trek to dive with us all the way from Victor Ville and fortunately they were awarded with the best conditions that our California diving has to offer. Low surf, Amazing visibility and very warm water, great variety of marine life. So much marine life red kelp crabs, eels, leopard shark, yellow tuna and a giant BULL lobster in shallow water. First time that I have seen an eel out of its hole swimming around. We spent about 10 minutes near a small juvenile leopard shark that was not afraid of us. On the way back in ran into a GIANT bull lobster. One if not the best night dives I have experienced. Great dive with the divers from NBTT. Get out and dive with us. Go to http://www.nbttdiveclub.
Tromptista - 8/16/2012 8:17 AM
I went scuba diving here on 8/16/2012. Average viz: 11-15ft/3-5m. Water temp: 66-70°F/19-21°C.
Great day for relief from the warm weather. From the top of the stairs you could tell that the visibility was going to be nice and it was along with very low surf and high tide . We set out with two new NBTT members John and Lilly aiming for Millers reef. We only made it to about the 2nd reef but shortly thereafter ran into a full grown horn shark probably 4 ft. We surrounded it with our lights and video and swam around it for a bit. It was the highlight of the dive. Get out and dive with us. NBTT Divers ( Thanks to the new divers for making the long trek out to dive with us and hopefully they become regulars.
Tromptista - 8/02/2012 9:29 AM
Rating Added: 4
I went scuba diving here on 8/1/2012. Average viz: 21-25ft/6-8m. Water temp: 61-65°F/16-18°C.
In NBTT fashion and our never ending search for the next pristine diving we deciding to try and locate Millers reef. A reef a bit outside of woods cove. It was well worth the short kick and swim out. More life and larger fish then most other laguna spots. On just this single dive we saw literally dozens of lobster, an octopus, full grown horn shark, barracuda, yellow tail tuna. A great spot and one that will undoubtedly become a regular spot for us. Get out and dive with us. NBTT Divers (
Tromptista - 8/02/2012 9:24 AM
Rating Added: 4
Awesome spot, lots of life and variety and fairly easy to reach.
Lukas78 - 8/06/2012 11:40 PM
great to hear, can’t wait

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