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Suloide is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Beaufort, NC. This dive site has an average rating of 3.50 out of 5 from 20 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 61-70ft/19-21m.

This 338-foot long freighter, is now recognized as the Suloide. Constructed in Germany, it was originally named the Maceio and was later changed to the Amassia. After it was sold to Lloyd Brasileiro, it was renamed the Suloide. On March 26th of 1943, the Suloide was loaded with manganese ore in Trinidad and was bound for New York. As the Suloide was making its way along the coast, it struck the wreck of the W. E. Hutton that had been sunk by a U-boat a year earlier, causing a large gash to be made in its hull. The No. 1 hold quickly filled with water. The Suloide drifted about a mile toward shore before it sank in 65 feet of water. Because the wreck was upright, it was a navigational hazard. On March 17, 1944, the Coast Guard Cutter Vigilant started blasting the Suloide. After two months, 20 tons of dynamite had been used. They also wire-dragged the Suloide to remove any high spots remaining. Even though the Suloide was leveled, there is a distinctive outline to the wreck in which plates and beams are scattered around the bottom. Marine life found here includes spadefish, sheephead, flounder, and seabass.
About 12 miles southwest of the Beaufort Inlet, it usually takes about forty-five minutes to reach this dive site after leaving the inlet. The high part of this wreck is the boilers. It makes a nice second dive after a deeper dive.
During the summer, the water temperature ranges from the upper 70’s to the low 80’s. Visibility averages 30 feet, but can get up to 50-60 feet. The ship rests on a nice sandy bottom. Schools of sheephead and spadefish frequent his wreck. Flounder can be found in the sand around this wreck and sea bass can be found on and around the wreck.
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JustAnthony - 3/12/2019 10:23 PM
Rating Added: 4
MrAnthony - 5/30/2018 10:56 PM
Rating Added: 3
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LatitudeAdjustment - 9/05/2015 6:43 AM
I went scuba diving here on 8/30/2015. Average viz: 26-30ft/8-9m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C.
3 mil, DSS BP&W, D2D Redneck Shark Fest on Olympus. 30% EAN. We came in shallow for better viz which is backwards for here. This is a scattered wreck with a lot of fish, one stingray.
watergypsy - 10/22/2014 10:07 PM
Rating Added: 2
Actually saw lots of marine life and good viz that day
LoriA - 5/18/2013 4:33 PM
Rating Added: 3
Vis not very good
Love2DiveGirl - 3/04/2012 7:50 PM
Rating Added: 2
Very broken up wreck. Viz was not that great.
LatitudeAdjustment - 5/26/2009 7:30 PM
Collided with wreck of the Hutton, wire dragged and blasted during WWII it’s spread over the bottom (63’) with only the two boilers intact but lot’s of toad and frogfish hiding places. Bring a reel for navigation.