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DIVE DEEP WITH A HIGHER CALLING located in S.S. Deo Gratis, onboard our Ship 54235 till 2014, Honduras

We are a group of divers, tourists, cruisers, sailors from around the word that desire to LEAVE THE PLACES WE VISIT BETTER THAN WE FOUND THEM. Paul & Ma Barley are dedicating the rest of their lives (around 2014) to developing this UNIQUE project as they move aboard their 70’ solid steel, 3 masted, custom designed, hand built Schooner which will be outfitted not only for great diving, but for volunteers to liveaboard (sleeps 12 and can carry up to 14 Tons of cargo to needy places) during surface intervals concerned and willing divers can SHARE their knowledge, experience, trade, skill, ANYTHING at on of the local "workshops". By giving up just a "little time" during ones stay, you might share or teach ONE THING that could impact generations of lives. We will give you an opportunity to do that. Wanna get involved on this ground floor (actually I have been working on this for 10 years...) grass roots effort? Jamaica had BOB MARLEY....The Bay Islands have MA BARLEY! We sail soon....

PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS, OBSERVATIONS, WILLINGNESS, OTHER LINKS, NETWORKING SUGGESTIONS...RICH PEOPLE INTERESTED IN SPONSORING, PRODUCTS DONATED TO THE POOR OR TO OUR SHIP! (Just cause it is a huge ship, does not mean we are independently wealthy! Just devoted, determined & dedicated...for the rest of our lives to making life better for others as we are able. Join us, will you?)

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