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Recreational Scuba Diving Club located in Veria, Imathia 59100, Greece

The Recreational Scuba Diving Club is a recognized sports organization. It was founded in 2001 by a group of friends and divers you where motivated by their love for the sea and the underwater environment. It is dedicated solely to recreational scuba diving. It also supports the work of MOM in saving the monk seals. We organize dive excursions, seminars, events, meetings, workshops, presentations, etc. Thus creating from scratch a great big family of scuba divers who have gone unforgettable diving excursions and who continue to explore the seas of our country. Our greatest achievement however was in stilling a diver’s conscious into people of a prefecture that isn’t surrounded by the sea and giving them the opportunity to discover diving as a sport and recreation! Scuba divers of that team created the first Nautical Athletic Association in Imathia (N.A.S.I) http://www.nash.grand so the “liquid element” became widespread for good into our prefecture and expanded into various other water sports as well. It is a great pleasure for us to see the love our children feel for the sea and to know that we where the once who were the spark that lit that fire! We work in collaboration with various other clubs from abroad and that is because we want to emphasize our international identity as we are thinking of making a joint effort with other associations, in the future, so as to exchange information and experiences, and to plan diving excursions abroad. On a local level our association at this point is in direct cooperation with the Nautical Association and is active in a wider range of topics in research and rescue concerning the prefecture. On a national level our club works in cooperation with other diving clubs through, which we coordinate our actions in Thessaloniki with E.A.T.H and in Athens with S.E.A TITHYS We also work in cooperation with the fire department of Imathia and we are trying to join the civil protection services for voluntary underwater tasks in the lakes and rivers of our prefecture. We also offer our services voluntarily for anything else needed underwater. In the past we have worked with the Greek police and the fire department on several issues and investigations. We have complete autonomy in matters such as equipment: high pressure air compressor, full diving equipment, support systems, surface systems, first aid systems, a conventional inflatable boat, water pipe (hookah) support system for 3 divers, equipment for decompression, etc. Our association was re-established in 2007 with a new statute and administrative board. Our members are divers of all levels and all educational specialties.