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Texas Swamp Divers located in Plano, Tx 75075

I`m posting this for the founder of The Texas Swamp Divers who is not a member of

KUNK35 - DiveBuddy Member

Back around June of 2001 a new scuba park opened in Terrell called Clear Springs scuba park. I found out about it through casual conversation at Oceans Window in Plano. I had been on this board for a few months and I already knew TexasMike.

At this point NDI had not been created. There were no separate sections for the local groups.

That was quite a trip.

About a month later, we got our own page on SB. The Texas Swamp Diving Team was the first club on the board.

From those seven people we have a little over 150 people in two years.

The name came from the Scubadillos. They are another statewide dive club. They used to have a group called the Swamp Divers. To be a swamp diver you had to make a dive in a non-traditional or non dive developed spot. ie Lake Livingston (Its in East Texas)

Mike liked the name so, with permission from the copyright owner, we took it. As far as I know the name is still copyrighted. I don`t know when it expires. I do know if we use it long enough without a claim being filed the copyright will be released.

Our next decision was to create a logo. The original logo was hand drawn by Seawolf. It was a Texas Dive flag about a third submerged in swamp water. Unfortunately the original links are dead. CavernQT, with feedback from others, modified the logo to create what it is now.

The first shirts with the logo were sold for the first big gathering at Lake Travis on Halloween in 2001. There are several mistakes that the printer made including blue moss draping the state.

Who are we? We are a loosly organized group of really fine people who just enjoy each others company and diving. We don`t have officers, dues, official meetings, handshakes, passwords, or anything like that. We do have some of the friendliest people sharing the same passion.

If you are dedicated to safe diving and you want to hang with us you are welcome. You dive with us, you can join us.

Dee has mostly organized the gatherings and the group in Houston. They probably dive the most of all of us. She has done a great job down south. The Austin crowd is kinda quiet most of the time. Larry and a few others organize around there. I must admit I am truely amazed at what this group has grown into.

That day on June 30, 2001 was one that, for some reason, I will never forget. For a summer day in North Texas, it was raining HARD. I had no idea what we were creating.