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True Facts:The Anglerfish True Facts:The Anglerfish
LiveBait - 6 days 6 hours ago.
The anglerfish is so called because of its method of predation. This is the fish that goes fishing. It has a long, modified dorsal fin spine sprouting from the middle of its head that ends in a fleshy growth that can move and wiggle to resemble another animal. In some deep sea anglerfish this deadly bait can even emit light (bioluminescence). Passing predators who think they’ve found an easy meal only need to touch the bait to find out they’re the main course....
FitDiver® Magazine is a FREE Special Edition FitDiver® Magazine is a FREE Special Edition
ScubaFit - 6 days 21 hours ago.
A single diver is just a tiny speck in the vast ocean world, yet each dive is an enormous personal experience. Fitness, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle keep divers in the water. Aloha! Get in shape for SCUBA diving in Maui. This SPECIAL EDITION integrates the ancient Hawaiian culture of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle with modern day nutrition and fitness. Island vistas, sea breezes and Humpback whales inspire divers to prepare for spectacular experiences that strengthen the body an...
Wounded Sea Turtle Gets A 3D-Printed Jaw Wounded Sea Turtle Gets A 3D-Printed Jaw
LiveBait - 9 days 9 hours ago.
In an earlier era, colliding with a boat’s propeller could have been the end of a sea turtle’s life. This is not that grim dark era, so a sea turtle found with a broken jaw was rescued and then brought to Pamukkale University’s Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation center in Denizli, Turkey. Thanks to a collaboration with Turkish company Btech Innovation, the turtle received a custom-designed, 3D-printed titanium jaw. Read More:
The Only Warm Blooded Fish (that we know of). The Only Warm Blooded Fish (that we know of).
LiveBait - 11 days 6 hours ago.
This goes against everything I was ever taught since elementary school, on how all fish are cold blooded. This also goes to show two things. That there is an exception to every rule and we don’t know as much as we like to think we do. Meet the Comical Opah, the Only Truly Warm-Blooded Fish...
True Facts: Seapig True Facts: Seapig
LiveBait - 13 days 4 hours ago.
The animals commonly known as sea pigs are in fact a type of sea cucumber. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms, a group of marine animals that includes sea urchins and starfish. True Facts About The Sea Pig...
Mother’s Day Dive 2015
PSD - 16 days 23 hours ago.
I needed a dive – it keeps my blood pressure under control, until the debriefing of course. It rained a bit a couple of days ago, and the swell maps made the conditions look like it was going to suck; I decided to go and at least look. It was a very small diving crew […]...
Female Atlas attracts worldwide divers
JudiHope - 17 days 1 hour ago.
Just when you thought you had seen every sunken wreck and underwater sculpture there was to see in and around the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the Bahamas, something new has started attracting divers since October of 2014. One of the......
Return to Cayman novel excerpt Return to Cayman novel excerpt
booksbyeric - 19 days 20 hours ago.
The following is an excerpt of the new thriller from Eric Douglas, Return to Cayman: Paradise Held Hostage. If you want to find out what happens next, or what’s really going on, pick up a copy in softcover or on Kindle. Eric will also donate a portion of all sales through July 31, 2015 to the Cayman Magic Reef Recovery effort. Return to Cayman: Paradise Held Hostage Return to Cayman ERIC DOUGLAS CHAPTER 5 Tanya was deep in her reports, sitting on the swaying boat and feeling mildly nauseous. A s...
ScubaFit Hosts Workout for PADI Women’s Dive Day 2015 ScubaFit Hosts Workout for PADI Women’s Dive Day 2015
ScubaFit - 20 days 14 hours ago.
ScubaFit is hosting a fitness for diving workout as part of the PADI Women’s Dive Day 2015 event. Since exercise is NOT recommended on dive days we are meeting the day before Friday, July 17, 2015 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. to get you ready to dive on Saturday, July 18, 2015. The location of the workout is in southern California. At North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad. This beach location is on the coast side of Carlsbad Blvd. across from Carlsbad Seapoint Resort. Access the parking area going south ...
Lessons Learned From a Weekend Dive! (Plus video!)
SKubaSteve - 22 days 23 hours ago.
Hi Dive Buddies! I had a great dive on Saturday with Greg & Dave (last names withheld to protect their prospects for future political office). We had a good time diving but it also brought to light a great reason to get local diving in. Here’s something to think about … Dive in to read more!...
Shark Finning Shark Finning
LiveBait - 23 days 4 hours ago.
In a statistical report about illegal shark killings, about 100 million of these majestic marine animals are killed each year. The study was compiled by the Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada led by Boris Worm. In his study, it reveals an alarming rate of 6.4 to 7.9 percent of all shark species being killed annually. The report is indeed alarming because it is a number that will lead to the full extinction of sharks if no proper actions will be done to stop the killings.
Fitness for Diving Seminar at Scuba Show 2015 Fitness for Diving Seminar at Scuba Show 2015
ScubaFit - 23 days 12 hours ago.
Gretchen M. Ashton, CFT, SFT, SFN, NBFE, founder of ScubaFit® and co-author of the ScubaFit® Diver Course which is also approved as the PADI ScubaFit® Diver Distinctive Specialty, is presenting at the Scuba Show on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Seaside Room 7. Use this coupom for a discount on entry to the show and attend "Fitness Considerations for Diving Around-the-World". Fit divers are safer, tend to dive more often, and are more likely to go on for advanced dive trainin...
Guest Fitness Blog for Women Underwater Guest Fitness Blog for Women Underwater
ScubaFit - 23 days 19 hours ago.
Jill Heinerth recently published "Women Underwater" The Comprehensive Guide for Women in Scuba Diving. Jill is a remarkable explorer and diver leading the way for women through her adventures around the world above and below the surface. I recommend this book, co-authored by Renee Power to all divers. It is an excellent resource; helping women gain insights into recreational, technical and professional diving, and helping male instructors and dive buddies better understand the unique aspects of ...
Quest For New Dive Gear Betting The Kentucky Derby
PSD - 25 days 10 hours ago.
I have never been so broke as since I worked as a Copy Boy at Kinko’s in the 1990s. I have come to the conclusion that the stock market is rigged and the economy is now geared to destroy what is left of the middle class. I am only bitter that I was unable to […]...
Rambo, the Octographer Rambo, the Octographer
LiveBait - 26 days 5 hours ago.
Learning to freedive: Part 1 Learning to freedive: Part 1
ArgentAqua - 27 days 13 hours ago.
Taking a Freediving course: Part 1 – the pool sessions. I love Scuba diving, but there are times I could do without climbing into the dry suit, under suit, five-hosed regs, steel tanks, torch, and all the other paraphernalia - including 12kgs of lead - that goes with the cold water diving available to me here in the UK, so, unsurprisingly, I have often been tempted by the apparent pure simplicity of freediving. Unlike America or the Mediterranean there is no real tradition of spearfishing here i...
Book Release Party in Grand Cayman Book Release Party in Grand Cayman
booksbyeric - 27 days 15 hours ago.
It’s time to “Return to Cayman”. Even if you’ve never been there! For the 10th anniversary of Eric Douglas’ first novel, Cayman Cowboys, Mike Scott is going to “Return to Cayman” and so can you! The first week of June, (May 30-June 6) Eric is going to Sunset House and going diving. He plans to sign copies of the new book Return to Cayman (due out soon) as well. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Return to Cayman books signed on the island will be donated to the Cayman Magic Reef Restor...
Can you really make a difference? Can you really make a difference?
tammer - 4/27/2015 5:45 PM Can you really make a difference to our oceans....and our own survival? Yes! You can....
Post-Apocalypse IRS Dive
PSD - 4/20/2015 6:19 AM
I have been stressing out on my taxes for the last four months, and was working on the last draft of my tax return up until last Wednesday. Somehow, my employer changed my deductions from nine plus $217 to just nine. Also, if you send an inmate pen pal money, she does not qualify to […]...
PADI very distinctive specialties
diver_ralph - 4/15/2015 8:12 AM
Padi lists some of the following specialities on their website: I am interesting in finding the appropriate dive shop whereever it is to see if its worth trying for some of these additional certifications. Anyway, when I search myself online I can’t get a good hit finding the dive shop. Does anyone know where each or any of those distinctive specialites are located (web address) and post them? Thanks for any information you can provide...