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Scuba Articles to Break 2 Million Unique Users Soon to Break 2 Million Unique Users Soon
Greg - 2 days 8 hours ago.
It took around 7 years to achieve the 1 million unique user milestone. Now, after a little more than 2 years...we are about to exceed 2 million unique users. The countdown begins! Here is the article about our first 1 million users posted on October 26, 2013:
Why I love Diving Subic Bay Philippines Why I love Diving Subic Bay Philippines
scubadivingnomad - 10 days 15 hours ago.
Why I love Diving Subic Bay Philippines I have been a scuba diver for about 18 years and for around 11 of those years, I have been living in Olongapo on the shores of Subic Bay Philippines. While I will admit it is not the best dive destination in the world, it is a outstanding place to come dive. Let me get out the negatives first, the visibility is not that great. It is however, good enough to explore the wrecks. The natural reefs are there but not heavily covered in coral. The biggest draw fo...
Diving the Way Captain Nemo Used to do It Diving the Way Captain Nemo Used to do It
Juha - 11 days 6 hours ago.
Diving is a great sport, no question about it. A way to exercise as well as relax. Sometimes though, the sport of it can get a bit too… sporty. Exhausting. Sometimes you might want the beauty and the relaxation of underwater without of the carrying of gear, getting the wet suit on and then off again, ear squeeze. All the hassle that comes with this great activity of diving that we all love so much. Without even getting your hair wet. Or maybe I’m just getting old. On Lanzarote, one of the Canary...
Hey it is 2016 Hey it is 2016
scubadivingnomad - 25 days 12 hours ago.
Aqwary Dive UpdateWOW, can you believe that 4% of 2016 is gone already? Like everyone, I made New Year’s Resolutions, well no mine are goals. A few are writing related. Looking over my writing for the last year, I saw a few shocking items. I wrote 4 ebooks but they were all ghost written. My own lifestyle book only had one new chapter completed. Only a few articles that I wrote are with my byline. So in 2016, I will “hire” myself to write. I will add me into my work schedule. A couple are ...
Sharks save the planet
JudiHope - 29 days 4 hours ago.
The hype continues and the shark just doesn't seem to be able to shake off that monstrous reputation for being one of the most feared creatures of the sea. Media tends to show these fish in an ominous......
Citizen Science Diving in St Lucia! Citizen Science Diving in St Lucia!
tammer - 1/05/2016 6:07 PM
Freediving with no fears
JudiHope - 1/01/2016 7:18 PM
Freediving is one of those extreme water sports that isn't meant for everybody and yet its fan base is widely increasing each year. It isn't fully about the the unprecedented beauty of the deep so much......
Female SCUBA Diver Missing Off Of Ship Rock, Catalina Island
PSD - 12/31/2015 6:22 AM
Thank you, Professional Debriefer Paul for bringing these articles to my attention. Apparently, a 45 year old woman was diving off of the Sundiver Express on Tuesday at Ship Rock and went missing. She was wearing, according to one of the articles, a black wet suit and a white tank. Quotes from the two articles, […]...
Diving The Georgian Bay
Kendiveguy64 - 12/28/2015 5:30 PM
Diving the Georgian Bay Canada Kenneth Navaroli If you love fresh water diving and not afraid of a little cold water, this is some of the world’s best diving, with crystal clear water, more wrecks and rocks, I mean (Big Rocks) than you can count or dive in a life time. The Georgian Bay is located in Ontario, Canada. For you boaters the coordinates at the main channel that separates the Bay from Lake Huron are 44.95N 80.63W. Precisely Cove Island, The Island is located within the Fathom Five Nati...
Last Dive Of The Year – Maybe
PSD - 12/28/2015 6:49 AM
This holiday season is getting to me. I have gained so much fucking weight – four pounds – that I really wanted to go diving to at least get some exercise. Saturday was rough for me; I tried to get some things done and ended up helping a hot chick friend move. Why, I have […]...
Silfra, the dive experience of a lifetime
JudiHope - 12/23/2015 12:42 PM
Dare to do what you have never done before. Dare to be challenged and go to depths that you could never imagine. Many a diver's bucket list is comprised of one of the top 5 dive sites in......
Making the most of your dive internship
Richcoast - 12/22/2015 5:42 PM
There are lots of post about internships and loads of discussions. Talking about FREE labor or slaves in the dive industry. This of course is totally up to you as the intern. You can get the most out of an internship if you give it your most. An internship is definitely not a free divemaster or idc, […]...
How To Train Your Dog To Dive For Lobsters
PSD - 12/22/2015 5:36 AM
Thank you Richard The Brit of Divevets, for the excellent video that he sent me. It is a step by step training guide on how to teach your dog to dive for lobsters that was put up by the YouTube channel Devoted to the Ocean. I really have no idea where this channel originates, but […]...
Australian Cave Diving
PSD - 11/30/2015 6:24 AM
I came across an interesting and extremely macho article about Australian cave diving on Vice News. These caves are quite unique; as the article states: “Most caves elsewhere in the world were formed when streams carved holes into ancient fault lines, but South Australia was a little weirder. Photo By Vice News “The middle Australian […]...
Sponge Porn! Sponge Porn!
tammer - 11/24/2015 3:21 PM
Sunday Diving White Point
PSD - 11/22/2015 11:02 PM
So, last pier clean-up, I met this really hot chick who had just moved her from Boston; she had expressed interest about getting back into diving now that she had moved to Southern California. She has been certified since 2005. I gave her my phone and pager number and told her to call me when […]...
Sunday Diving Report And Other Stuff
PSD - 11/16/2015 2:33 AM
I am really low on cash; lobster season may not happen for me, so you may not want to hang out here for lobster reports. Sorry… My investments with my Nigerian business partners has not paid off, and it’s been quite some time since I was due my first dividend cash payment. Regardless, let’s go […]...
A scuba experience with Santa
JudiHope - 11/13/2015 3:43 AM
One of the greatest adventures for children, adults and veterans with disabilities is becoming at one with the water. A non-profit organization with a heart of gold and a determination and dedication stretching far beyond the ordinary has been......
The Day I came face to face with a Great White Shark! The Day I came face to face with a Great White Shark!
tammer - 11/12/2015 4:08 PM COME AND VISIT ME ON THE HUFFINGTON POST! I would appreciate as many comments or shares as possible! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!...
First November Dive And Terranea Report!
PSD - 11/02/2015 12:29 AM
Sorry for not posting in a while; I was in Reno, Nevada on another secret mission seeing Secret Agent K. The only part of my trip that has been declassified so far has been the Mac Sabbath concert that I attended. Even though I have been told I can tell a pretty good story, I […]...