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Detecting Treasures: Beaches, Buried & Below Detecting Treasures: Beaches, Buried & Below
Smithsgold - 3/25/2011 10:53 AM
Adventures in Prospecting A.I.P. # 21 Detecting Treasures: Beaches, Buried & Below Treasures await those who search the sands where beach goers have lost coins and other valuables. See how easy and fun it is to search for these common values. Rumor Investigated: Buried Bags of Silver Dollars...Owner passed away and left something hiding for his heirs??? We check it out. Also, SCUBA dive with a detector for GOLD! Jeff Smith aka ( Smithsgold )and Joey Wilson aka (JWdive )gear up and get into some ...
Under Water Metal Detecting Show
Smithsgold - 1/15/2009 9:22 PM
Under Water and Above Water Metal Detecting Starts January 31st !!!!! Adventures in Prospecting Join Joey Wilson and Jeff Smith as they hunt a Northern California River with SCUBA gear using the submersible GARRETT Infinium LS Detector.See them search for gold nuggets and artifacts. Also, learn how you can find jewelry and a lot of coins in your neighborhood with a lethal combination of equipment that will almost make these common finds jump out of the ground. DVD contains an additional SCUBA De...