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Dive The Vandenbberg w/ Mike Ange
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 5/18/2011 11:55 AM
Make last minute plans to dive thew Vandenberg with Mike Ange (technical clearance dive team leader for her sinking). We have a trip scheduled for 22 - 27 May but two of our divers were in the zone hit by the terrible storms 2 weeks ago. They would like to pull out to deal with community and family issues so we are trying to find replacements to fill the seats for them. We have chartered the whole boat and will have both recreational and technical divers on board for you to dive with depending o...
What Skills Make An Expert Diver? 6/6 What Skills Make An Expert Diver? 6/6
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 5/15/2011 12:08 PM
This is part 6 of a 6 part series of articles on mastering the skills to become an expert diver. The earlier parts of the series are still available on By Mike Ange Natural Navigation Natural navigation is simply using physical landmarks as aids to tell you where you are. For example if you know your mooring line is tied a few feet aft of the bow of the shipwreck on the port side, when you reach the bow on the starboard side you should immediately know where to go to find your mo...
The USS Hoyt S. Vandenburg Dive Trip
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 4/09/2011 7:33 PM
The 27th is the second anniversary of the Vandenberg’s sinking and as one of the key players in sinking the wreck Mike plans to dive her on that Friday if at all possible. For those of you that do not know, Mike worked on the Vandy project for about 10 years and planned both the technical clearance dives for the interior of the wreck and the explosive ordinance recovery dives prior to the sinking. Mike also led both teams on the sink date and was in the first 3 man team to ever dive this wreck. ...
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 11/12/2010 10:38 PM
It has been a year for change in our industry and those changes have certainly affected Mike Ange Expeditions and SEAduction Dive Services. Amongst other things, Mike was named as the new Program Manager for the Technical Extended Range Division of the world’s largest retail based diver training agency, Scuba Schools International. SSI has experienced phenomenal growth in the past year in the international market and the materials we have for the technical division are without doubt some of the ...
Master Diver University 2009
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 3/22/2009 1:16 PM
So, you wish ITK could last longer... Here is your chance to spend a week with NetDoc, Mike Ange , Oceanus, a dozen or so friends, and earn a Master Diver certification at the same time!! 2009 Master Diver University offered by SEAduction and co-taught/sponsored by ScubaBoard’s NetDoc. Who: Open Water Divers with 15+ logged dives When: July 5-11, 2009
Our Cayman Trip Scuba Bowl 2008 Our Cayman Trip Scuba Bowl 2008
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 11/08/2008 10:51 AM
Hard to imagine but there we were in the air looking down at Havana, Cuba en route to the Cayman Islands. We had been given the opportunity to go on a dive familiarization trip (or “dive fam” as it is called) for the SEAduction Dive Shop in Dunn, NC. My wife, Wendy, books trips and classes for them and I am a Scuba instructor there and they needed someone to go on this trip. They are going to start booking Cayman Island trips and wanted someone to be able to have first hand knowledge of the isla...
DAN Honors George Purifoy DAN Honors George Purifoy
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 10/09/2008 6:52 PM
During the opening ceremonies of the DAN Treasure Hunt 2008 @ Blue Stone Dive Resort in Thomasville, NC everyone wanted to take a min to honor the memories of our dear late friend George Purifoy. Published: Monday, September 15, 2008 11:10 AM EDT MOREHEAD CITY — A city native and a pioneer of diving in North Carolina, George Purifoy, 63, died Sunday Sept 13 2008, doing what he loved most. Mr. Purifoy had a heart attack Sunday evening while out on his boat based at his longtime business, the Olym...