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Day at Catalina Island
Bruno - 4/22/2010 4:16 PM
Saturday April 17th, boat - the Great Escape. Open boat single day trip to Catalina Island. 4-5 foot swell from the West made for racking crossing in the morning which made some people queasy. Sunny, warm and calm conditions near shore that lasted the whole day. Mild current running from E. to W. Water temp 59. Vis 40 Ft. Only 20 divers on board. Dove the Bird Rock, Eagle Reef and Eagle point, just west of Isthmus. No Dive Buddy on this trip, just my son and I. The Great Escape is now at the 22n...
Diving the SeaDoo Scooters Diving the SeaDoo Scooters
Bruno - 10/27/2008 3:44 PM
The picture shows my GTI with the shroud removed and the styrofoam floats exposed. We took our scooters to Catalina Island this Sunday and everybody had a blast! The weight and trim is still not ideal on my VS and GTI models, maybe just little more water in the buoyancy chamber. The trim is much harder to adjust on the Explorer models. Inserting all the supplied weights still leaves it positive and heading for the surface every time you release it. The Explorers do not have the buoyancy chamber....
sea doo sea scooters sea doo sea scooters
Bruno - 10/01/2008 5:28 PM
Here is my SeaDoo VS scooter during my recent 3 day trip to Channel Islands. The scooter will actually work just fine the way it comes out of the box, I have only done a few minor changes. 1st: I have removed the protective grills, front and back. I like the prop to be accessible, and it allowed me to attach the tow cord by running it through the shroud. Total length of the cord is 51 inches. 2nd: Under the black shroud cover, there are a rectangular shape foam pieces for added flotation. To get...
Sea doo sea scooters
Bruno - 7/04/2008 6:22 PM
I have recently purchased and tested two different models of the Sea doo scooters. The GTI and the VS. I have taken the units completely a part to see how they are constructed and how easily they can be repaired. I have also gathered some info on replacement parts availability. I also have a few suggestions about installing a towing harness, compass and trimming the unit. I’m taking the scooters to the Channel Islands on a 3 day trip for more testing on July 13th. I’ will get the whole low down ...