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Back from Palau
sobie18 - 12/03/2008 12:29 AM
Holy cow! I went in February this year (Sam’s Tours) and this time (Fish-n-Fins) was just unreal! Big fish, huge schools, colorful soft corals, sea fans, beautiful walls, nice drift dive currents, and it just goes on and on...The place is a paradise with the beautiful Rock Islands and wonderful landscape scenery. The dive sites were AWESOME and the experience was just out of this world. Water temps at 86 degrees (just like here in Guam) and daily temps were just as comfy. Blue Holes, Blue Corner...
Warm water, cold air Warm water, cold air
sobie18 - 6/02/2008 10:15 PM
Nothing worse than diving in warm water and then getting out into the cold air after the dive. I did a 90-minute night dive last week in 85-degree water and when I surfaced, I had to suffer in the 77-degree air. Can you feel my pain?...
Palau Diving 14-19 Feb Palau Diving 14-19 Feb
sobie18 - 2/19/2008 10:19 PM
Holy Cow! UNREAL diving! I hope there`s diving in heaven `cuz I think this is the place! Beautiful corals (hard & soft), colors everywhere, schools of fish, big fish, sharks, weird fish, the sites, etc...If you like to dive & take pix, you OWE it to yourslef with a trip to Palau. We dove with Sam`s Tours and they provided breakfast & lunch, dive guide, 3-tank dive days, free Nitrox, and good times. I will DEFINITELY be going again and this time it will be 5-7 days of diving. Jellyfish Lake was r...
To wetsuit or not to wetsuit
sobie18 - 2/02/2008 9:48 AM
Here on Guam, the water temperature is usually around 84-86 degrees. Well, it was chilly 83 degrees today...We get a LOT of Japanese tourists here and they usually go diving. I would venture to say that ALL of them wear wetsuits. I wear swim trunks and a T-shirt. Am I missing out on anything? Is it the bouyancy or the protection from jellyfish, coral, and eels biting you? Can someone shed some light on this for me? Thanks!...