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The Three Stooges
ScottPadipro - 4/08/2007 12:00 AM
I went diving today off Palm Beach with two other CCR divers on a private boat. Both of the other divers were on the Optima, one has about 80 hours on the rig but for the other fresh out of training and it was his first dive since the class. The current was running about 1.5 knots and the vis sucked but we just wanted to do a shallow reef dive to build up some more time. The seas were getting really rough by the time we splashed so I was into my 3rd shade of green when it occurred to me that I c...
Oriskany Dive Trip Oriskany Dive Trip
ScottPadipro - 9/20/2006 12:00 AM
The seas were 2 to 3 feet that morning so the trip was a little bumpy. We made it to the dive site in just under an hour. Capt. Ron tied the boat in on the aft end of the island at 115 fsw where the large radome used to be, I guess it broke loose when the ship went down, and we were all in the water within the hour. We suited up two at time and splashed off the back then pulled ourselves to the anchor line at the bow to make our descent. Our dive plan for this first dive was 180 feet for 25 minu...