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manta rescue
Richcoast - 2/06/2010 8:02 PM
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manta rescueIt is the time of year again when the Giant Manta rays come to the Catalina islands to enjoy the cleaning stations. Daily trips are organized and divers are excited to see these magnificent creatures. Like 2 days ago, our guides were Felipe ,Phil and Adrian came along as Rich Coast Photographer. On the second dive Felipe spotted a manta ray who was dragging along a very long fishing line, once he reached the line he realized he forgot his knife so waited for Adrian to pass his, but the manta was inpatient and swam off, However, as if he felt what was going on, he slowly circled around Felipe again and let him cut the line. There was so much line around him that Felipe did not have enough time to get everything off; the manta flew away once again. Call it an instinct, but it came back only this time to hang above Phil who managed to get the rest of the line off. It took the guys awhile and their air went low. They stayed as long as they could because the manta was so thankful and gave all the divers a great show and Adrian a great opportunity to capture some great shots. This is the third time that we released a Manta ray from fishing lines. The divers felt good once they got back on the boat and on the way back home they were treated by a group of Dolphins showing off, according to Felipe they came to say “thank you”