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Safey is always first 1of 2
zaheer2alvi - 7/19/2007 12:00 AM
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* Take lessons and get qualified by a certification agency before participating in SCUBA diving. * Get a medical examination from your doctor and take a swim test before learning SCUBA diving. You don`t have to be an olympic athlete, but you do need to know some basic swimming skills. * Once certified, do not dive in dangerous waters or in an environment for which you are not qualified/certified, such as: ice, cave, and shipwreck diving. * They all require special training. One can easily get lost or trapped and run out of air. * Never dive by yourself. Find a buddy. * Check your equipment carefully and check how the equipment functions, especially if you are renting the equipment. Make sure everything fits and works properly. (Rest will be in the next blog) Have safe diving.