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Crazy boats owners!!!!!!!!
CaliforniaKeith - 5/27/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Personal
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I get asked this question alot,,, if you own a boat cant u take out lots of divers & make money??? HAHAHA, LOL, I WISH, funi question. OH, no joking here I dont really laugh or make fun of any question, because its just because a person does not know. When I dont know something I will ask YOU too. BUT boat owners do kinda think to them self I wish owning a boat could make money, but the truth is.... 1st to replace my boat would be $100,000 new, then add all the EXPENSIVE electronics I have, which are more than most trailerable boats will have, then all the safety equipment. Dont forget all the other fees & the trailer, you get the idea. Boat mechanics charge $100+ per hour. OK, so if I took out divers everyday they could NOT pitch in enough after the RAPE we get for GAS $$$$ to ever save enough $$$ to replace all the things us boat owners have. So in 3-4 yrs of taking divers everyday the boat would be ruined & out $100,000 +++. Also in my boat I went alittle over crazy & have spent over $45,000 to finally have the engine that I have, that makes my boat the fastest cabin cruiser around. I wanted the speed for the lakes, but Ive been in the ocean when its been FLAT like a lake too. So thats why us boat owners are POOR haha & have to have 3 regular jobs just to pay for our LOVES. Oh, dont wish you owned a boat, unless you want to sacarfice all the other fun things non boat owners do cause they have LOTS of money hahaha. I own a boat because of the wonderful adventures I have been on and the great people, and my boat can go anywhere as long as I have gas lol. (for U engine guys) Single engine just a fuel injected non blown or anything. Puts out @ 1600RPMs 500FT Lbs TQ 2700RPMs 600FT & max 651Ft lb & 525HP, If I hit it & ur not holding on you will be thrown back. I can usually only use all that power on a lake. So now you know why there is so many jokes about boat owners B O A T = hahah B olt On A nother T housand. Keep the BUBBLES small.