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Cozumel 2007
Nautibeagle - 5/16/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Travel
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Just got back from Coz late Monday night. The reefs are re-covering from hurricane Wilma which basicaly plowed away the large sponges and corals but I noticed some improvement since December 2005. Little ones are starting to gorw back. Lots of turtles. It does seem like the list of available dives sites has shrunk, at least far as Dive Paradise goes. But, still excellent diving. Dive Paradise has most of the same staff and I got to talk to my old friend Victor (Bictor).

And as usual going buddy-less was a real adventure. Buddy number one talked about his plans for the evening which involved getting really drunk and swimming naked in the ocean at Hotel Barricuda. He did not dive with us again the rest of the week. Buddy number two had the honor of going with me on my 200th dive. He came up feeling light headed and the divemaster had him lay down and finish off a bottle of Oxygen. That was the end of his diving. Buddy number three found out about buddy number one and two and decided there was a curse on me. So, most of the time I just kept with the divemaster.

I don`t have any pictures cause I dropped the camera on my first day and broke something. The camera just rolls through all of the functions when I turn it on. I think it is finished.

That place on the water where I used to get some good food with the big fish tanks in the dinning room is GONE, damaged in the hurricane they did not re-build. Jeanie`s Waffle house has really expanded but I did not eat there. Hotel Cozumel must be trying to go upscale or something. They now now require shirts with sleeves in the dinning room. That would not go over well with the tatoo artists that I dove with back in 2005.

Anyways, diving is diving and it is going to be fun anywhere.

It has taken 10 years to get in 200 dives. Looking forward to a few hundred more.