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Aeris EPIC
Kirkpfeil - 2/23/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Equipment
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I purchase the EPIC for Christmas 2006. I use it for a watch. It has useful watch features alarm/stopwatch which are great for training. It`s a little bulky as far as watches go, but after wearing it for a week or so, it`s become nothing unusual. I dove with it in January in Wisconsin. It handled the cold extremely well. I believe it reads a little high for surface temperature though. I lost contact communication with my air preassure reciever only once in my 28 min dive and it was for less then 3 sec (I moved my wrist to where it wouldn`t recieve a signal.) It comes with a "magnifier" that slips over the watch to help with the readability at depth. If found it easy to read/function down under. I have the Atmos 2 which the download interface is horrible at best and the interface for the EPIC is 300x`s better. The software is the same for both; but one drawback to the software is that you can`t run 2 Aeris computers off of the same logbook. You have to create a logbook for each computer. I am anxious to get the additional 2 recievers so I can get my son`s PSI (has to be within 5 to 6 ft from me) and for redundant air sources. I would highly recomend the EPIC to fellow divers. The price might be a little high for the watch and 1 reciever but the good thing is it`s not just a watch. If anyone has any questions about this cool little unit please let me know and hopefully I can give you my experience reguarding it. P.S. I am NOT an Aeris employee or a salesperson...just a very excited and happy user of this product. HAPPY DIVING!!!