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A Grate dive
SKEETER - 7/09/2008 4:26 PM
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Sunday, West Palm Beach, Fl. Seas a little ruff [ for me anyways] Gulf stream moving fast 4 to 4.5. We are on a 24’ WellCraft and its rocking pready good. We are doing two up two down on the Governers Walk and the Princes Ann.

The first drop we missed the mark so we had to do it agin. this time perfect. Comming down in Princes Ann With the drift and dropping at a nice stopping speed. Right on the bow a soft hand on the deck and we are there. Vis at 100 plus and water at 80. Both dives where on the Princess Ann but differnet parts, Both were between 100-115 feet dep total dive time was 1 hr and 08 min for both dives. that where I saw the giant grooper along with lot of other fish,and many shark. One grooper was over 1 thousand pound. I found a anchor brand new that some one lost of there yacht, but my buddy and I could not bring it up. becasue of the curent , have to dive this again another time.