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Cozy June 2008
georoc01 - 6/16/2008 6:21 PM
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Dive Trip Report Cozumel -
June 13-16th

Flew down on a trip booked through apple vacations. Sun Country Charter out of Dallas-Ft. Worth. My dive buddy, BB & I were on a flight at 10:00 am that got us into Cozumel about 12:30. Headed straight over to Hotel Cozumel. Got checked in, Then went over to the Dive Paradise Dive shop, checked in there and rented a couple of tanks for a checkout dive. Cost is $6 for tank & weights.

So we were wet by about 2:00pm. From the pier, you can swim out and they have a Mayan Pyramid just to the left of the pier, about 30 feet out from shore in 15 feet of water. We then took a check out the current and headed south. Not alot to see. BB saw a sting ray that I completely missed. And there were plenty of fish. We turned around about the lighthouse and headed back. Swimming around the pier I saw a nice looking crab and a nudibranch. Mostly dead coral and sand. But we had our weights dialed in for the weekend.

Friday night we headed into town and had dinner at The Mission. I had the Mission shrimp which was butterfly shrimp grilled and cooked with onion rings and then bacon. It was very good. On the way back we stopped by Magaritaville and BB really liked the swings. We had a couple of drinks there and then headed back to bed. The 22oz Magaritas can hit you quick!

On Saturday we were late getting started. Our boat had broke down so they sent a slower substitute in the Ares. We then had trouble finding divers at the Wyndham pier (they were at the wood pier and we stopped at the Sand Dollar pier). We dove with Jose’ who is the choice of my dive shop in Denver, A1 Scuba. Our first dive was Santa Rosa wall. Lots of swim throughs. We saw Dolphins from the boat after the dives on our way back to the shop.

Then it was downtown for souveneir shopping. BB is a big starbucks fan and thus had to get a Cozumel Starbucks mug. They didn’t have any out and as soon as the guy opened a box of them they were gone in minutes. Apparently a popular collectors item. Another stop at Magaritaville on the way back for some pix on the swing. And to feed what I think are Blue Tangs that live off the shore.
They brought out a bunch of tortillas and the fish love them, jumping out of the water. BB got a swimmer to come over and got the fish to jump into her to grab the tortilla. Fun stuff.

Then it was dinner at Hotel Cozumel and watching the black light show. It was decent for a hotel show. Free drinks as part of the All inclusive didn’t hurt.

On Sunday I did two dives. Punta Tunich and the C-53. Current was ripping so these were really superman dives. Tons of marine life makes Punta Tunich one of my favorite dives. It was my first time diving the wreck. We did do some light penetration as swimming around the bottom was virtually impossible. Huge number of sardines live up top in the wreck and some large groupers obviously love this as a feeding ground. It was an interesting dive that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

Sunday night we had dinner at Jeannie’s Waffle House. I had a nice fish fillet. It was very good. Fed some more fish. Then headed back to the hotel for dessert and had music trivia contest for the night’s entertainment.

It was a quick trip, but some nice dives. Nothing like 85 degree water to make diving very comfortable. Look forward to the next one!